Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Team from Scottish School!

Pupils and staff from Menzieshill High School in Dundee are now preparing to make the long trip to Uganda in October 2010.  The group will be the school's second team to venture into Africa to help support the poor.   Their destination is Gabba in Uganda, where they will be based as they get involved in projects in various parts of the country.

Currently the team are making preparations by fundraising and raising the profile of their trip throughout the school, the local community and further afield.   Staff, parents and family members are being called on, along with local businesses and funders to support this hard working team in their efforts to raise the required funds for their fares as well as enough funding to support a small project whilst they are in Uganda.

Keep up to date with the events surrounding this trip by looking back at this blog where updates will be posted as they happen.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Pupil Blog of Uganda experience:

"....We visited the slums afterwards and were lucky enough to be invited into a couple of the houses - it was quite shocking. the houses are very small, smaller than our bathrooms, and there are 5 - 7 people living in each of them. The side streets are crowded and there are animals everywhere. Sewage flowed freely down the dirt paths and it was a very smelly pace. The kids were all desperate to touch us and hold our hands, a lot of us cried when we had to leave. Its such a shock to the system seeing people live like that in real life rather that on television adverts, seeing it first hand is an experience that will always be with us. Perhaps in the future when we’re all older we’ll go back and try to help these people. Until then they will be in our thoughts and in our hearts. x...."

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Friday, 17 October 2008

A really enjoyable time!

The MHS team enjoy their stay:

Painting the school, the first task taken on by the team proved to be well accepted by the staff and pupils alike. The primary school kids went off for a public holiday only to return to see their school looking like new after a coat of paint.
Armed and dangerous, here the 'rebel' army prepare for action.
The team had a wonderful opportunity to visit 'Dwelling Places' a rescue and rehabilitation operation for street kids, in Kampala. Here Diana one of the staff receives gifts left for the children by the team.
On the way to Jinja to see the source of the Nile an the Bujagali Falls, we stooped off to visit Bweyogerere Multi Purpose Primary School where Mission International's Mighty Meals project is in operation.
The source of the Nile, here the waters of Lake Victoria start their epic journey north to Egypt where they meet the ocean.

The equator was a real educational experience, watching how water behaves to the north and south of the line and right on top of it as well as knowing that due to centrifugal force a person who stands on the equator is 3% lighter.

Bethany Village near Kyaggwe meant more painting, but the team did not get all of the paint on the walls of the orphanage house.

A photo call to use an African hoe, here is the site for Bethany's new football and sports ground after it was cleared by a bulldozer the team tried their had at levelling the soil.

Namutamba is a very rural village, the team spent two days there being entertained by the kids and viewing their site where they hope to build a new school and agricultural project amongst other things.

Murchison Falls game park rounded off the visit to Uganda. This is a particularly good tourist attraction with lots of animals to see.

The Murchison Falls is able to be viewed from the bottom of the falls area after a 90 minute boat ride where the team were able to see all sorts of animals and birds.

The top of the falls is spectacular as the water rushes down the huge chasm causing an incredible noise and spray as it plunges down to the river below.

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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Menzieshill High School begin their work in Uganda

Team does a great job!

The team of 8 pupils and three staff from Menzieshill High School have been commended already by the staff at Gabba Community and the Maranatha School for their hard work and expertise in painting the outside of the school building and repainting some of the classrooms. Their commitment has been unwavering and their skills very useful as they took the opportunity of a public holiday in Uganda to make sure the paintwork on the school was up to scratch.

From their base in a local guest hose the team have visited various parts of the country, from Katwe (the biggest slum in Uganda) where they met the Dwelling Places team and the kids and families they work amongst to Link International's Hosanna and Katwe Primary Schools. Jinja and the source of the Nile and the Bujagali Falls were also on their itinerary. The team also visited a Mission International project called Mighty Meals in Bweyogerere.

The team carried with them a wide range of supplies for schools, medical facilities and lots of clothes and toys for children. Here the headmaster of Maranatha School recieves three microscopes donated by Menzieshill High School along with a consignment of useful school materials and equipment.

There is always time to meet some new friends, here a team member has some fun with one of the local kids who were all very interested in the Mzungu team.

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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Local support for Hope Centre:

Local trader provides aid for the poor:

A local market shop called "QUINCAILLERIE NOOR" has provided 150kg of rice and 150 kg of beans to help feed the Hope Centre children, after funds to feed the poor were sent to them from Pakistan.Pastor Leonard Tuyishimire (Hope Centre founder - far right) thanks the shop owners fo their generosity in providing support for the children. A full pictorial report on how this and other developments are progressing for the Hope Centre can be found by clicking here.

It is quite a load but it is squeezed into Charles' car and transported to feed the children.

To view the Hope Centre Blog page click here.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Hope Centre work continues:

Hope Centre foundations are put in place:
Charles & Val Carr and their boys, who left Aberdeen in July 2008, are now firmly ensconced in Burundi, they have now found their own house to rent and have begun the work of putting down the foundations for the Hope Centre in Mutimbuzi, Gatumba by Bujumbura. As you will see from the picture below, the block presses have arrived and the work of making blocks has begun.

A block press is filled with sieved soil mixed with a small amount of cement.

Septic tanks and soakaways for water and sewage are constructed.

Shuttering is constructed to form the tanks for the latrines.
To see more information and a full pictorial description follow this link to the Hope Centre Burundi official website.
To see the Hope Centre Blog follow this link

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Uganda Team preparing to go:

Menzieshill High School team to Uganda:

A team from Menzieshill High School in Dundee are undergoing some training before setting of for Gabba in Uganda during the first three weeks of October 2008. The training deals with issues of culture, health and safety and practical issues to do with the work to be carried out whilst in country.
Pupils and staff are meeting together on Wednesday evenings for two hours on the run up to the trip in order that the full training schedule can be completed before departure.

Below is a local map of the area showing Gaba (often spelt Ggaba, or Gabba) on the shores of lake Victoria.

Busy itinerary ahead:

The team will visit a number of centres including some tourist destinations during their time in Uganda. From their base in Gaba they will spend a few days in Kyaggwe (Bethany Children's Village) where they will interact with the orphaned children as well as get involved in the project doing tasks like painting and cleaning etc.

The tourist part of the trip will entail visits to the equator, near Masaka, the source of the Nile at Jinja and the Murchison Falls Game Park. It is hoped that the team will also have the opportunity to visit Namogongo where Christian martyrs were killed as the Roman Catholic Church first spread the Gospel in Uganda. The Kings' traditional palace home in Kampala is also a well known tourist destination. The Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon) are too far for the team to travel on their trip on this occasion.

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